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Online Instant Support

online supportOnline Instant Support – Is the fastest and affordable way to have your computer repaired? Call us for an appointment on line. We will walk you through a simple down load that enables us to access your computer. Online support allows us to access your key board and mouse through the internet and complete repairs fast and affordably. It is like having an affordable Geek sitting right next to you.

Online Diagnostic - - Most problems can be identified and repaired by Affordable Geeks online process. After diagnostic, if you’re PC or laptop is not repairable on line, for example physical hardware replacement, we may ask to pick up your PC or laptop, repair it and return to you.

Repairs –on line are systematically diagnosed, comprehensively, methodically reviewed and repaired. After our recommended online support, are client’s computers are repaired and typically running faster than when purchased.

Tutorials – allow us to teach our clients, on line and in the privacy of their home. From basic email to complex programs we are here to help.

Consultation – for hardware replacement, hardware upgrades, new computers and new software, tutorials and consultation are available with Affordable Geeks online service. We can help you make educated decisions for all your software, hardware, PC computers, laptops and Android cell phones.